Where To Start: Names and Heraldry

Names and Heraldry in the SCA

One of the things you can do within the SCA is come up with a name and associated heraldry that you would like to be known by. Then you can get these registered, so that no one else within the SCA will be able to use your name and heraldry. For more information, talk to your local herald (person who specialises in registering names and heraldry). They will be able to tell you more information, as well as check if your proposed name or heraldry are in conflict with anyone else’s.

Where to start with choosing a name:

There are a number of ways to begin. You can start with a name that you like and look for its roots to see if there are similar medieval versions, you can browse through lists of names until you find something you like, or you can pick a location for your name (e.g. Scandinavia, England, France, Russia etc.) and look at the names used in that country until you find something you like.

Where to start with choosing heraldry:

If you have never done anything with heraldry before, here is a really basic introductory pdf which will help you get started. WARNING: This pdf was NOT created by a herald (a person who knows a lot about heraldry, especially within the SCA). You should always run your ideas for heraldry past a herald, and they will help you out. If you don’t know how to contact a herald, ask one of the club committee members, and they will help put you in touch with someone.

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