Club History

The College of St Monica was founded in May of 1988, after some of the founding members had become involved in the SCA outside of university. Following college naming tradition, St Monica was chosen, the patron saint of alcoholics and disappointing children. As her Saints Day was the 4 May, it enabled endless Star Wars jokes about “May the Fourth be with you”. With great enthusiasm for Renaissance music, it was known in the SCA as the all-singing, all-dancing college. Lots of fun was had learning together, how to cook and sew the really old fashioned way, with feasts, picnics, tournaments and quests being held. In its early years, there were few fighters at the college, but this changed over time. Fighter practise became a regular feature in the campus’ first multi-storey car park, aka Castle Greyskull, sometimes alarming passers-by.

In more modern times, the College of St Monica has been known throughout the SCA as fairly sensible and usually light on the drinking. We also have a reputation for being helpful around the campsite. For a time we were considered highly elusive, almost never showing up to inter-college events, but this has changed as of recent times.


As of the AGM in 2021

Seneschal (President) – Sophie Rankin
Advisor (Vice President) – Riley Rogers
Reeve (Treasurer) – Rachel Thorpe-Jones
Chronicler (Secretary) – Elise Baker
Spongs (General Representatives) – Vincent Toga

A new council is elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) every year during semester two. If you are interested in a leadership role, why not nominate yourself to be a council member? It looks great on your resume!


Membership to the College of St Monica is $8 per year, or $3 with MSA. Having MSA is highly recommended in this case, as MSA may reimburse you some of the cost for the events you go to.

Reminder: Having a club membership is NOT the same thing as having a membership in the wider SCA group. For more information about SCA memberships click here.

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