• Where To Start: Medieval Cooking
    Cooking is a field our club normally doesn’t teach because of the requirement for cooking equipment. But you can use the links on this page to learn about it in your own kitchen.
  • Where To Start: Names and Heraldry
    One of the things you can do within the SCA is come up with a name and associated heraldry that you would like to be known by. Then you can get these registered, so that no one else within the SCA will be able to use your name and heraldry.
  • Fingerloop Braiding
    Fingerloop braiding is a technique used to create lengths of braided cord. This cord can be used for whatever you can imagine: as a string to close a pouch, as trim, to hold up hose (medieval equivalent of socks), lacing etc. As the name says, the cord is made using loops of yarn on your fingers.