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There are a great number of Mailing Lists on Yahoo groups where you can discuss SCA related things in an inviting atmosphere, it is also a good way to get to know people and to get help and resources!The St Monica’s List is a friendly list with many students and newcomers who attend the illustrius Monash University! there are a number of older members who have left uni or are just in the area! it is reasonably high volume but a very friendly atmosphere.
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The Shire of Krae Glas is the group concerned with the South eastern Suburbs. KG has just become a shire and has a great many St Monicas members, as it was founded by ex St Monicans. this is a medium volume list and a great choice for someone who wants to read about everything going on in the greater area around the College.
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The Barony of Stormhold covers inner Melbourne. The list is a group with people who have only been in the SCA for a couple of months to people who have been in the SCA for over 20 years! it is teeming with excelent resources and a good way to contact just about everyone in the Barony. A medium volume list.
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If you want a specific mailing list for garb, weaving, singles – whatever – you might find it here

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