Rowany Festival 2013

(Rowany Festival 2011 – Image by Paul of Krae Glas)

Rowany Festival 2013

Rowany Festival is Australia’s biggest SCA event of the year. Held over the Easter Holiday this massive camping event involves arts & sciences collegia & workshops, archery, fencing, heavy combat, various childrens activities, a bardic circle and a number of balls.


Thursday 28th March 2013 to Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Open for setup prior to the 28th but there is a small charge associated with staying onsite at this time.

Prices ** for Rowany Festival 2013 are:

Cut-off Date for Bookings*
(Post marked/emailed on or before)
Adult Child* ( 5-17) Family*
30 November 2012 $115 $66 $296
13 January 2013 $126 $71 $327
28 February 2013 $137 $77 $351
At the Gate (unbooked) $160 $100 $420
Date Rate* (per day) $20 $10 $50
Overnight Rate* (per night) $45 $33 $123


To book visit the Rowany Festival Website.


This is a non-catered camping event. You will need:

-An attempt at pre-1660 garb (including a warm cloak)

-Standard camping equipment including;  feasting gear, cooking equipment, camping chair, camp shower. *


*If you camp with the Stormhold/Arrowsreach or the Combined Colleges campsites you may use their communal cooking equipment for a small fee. You may also join their food fund so you don’t have to cook every meal for yourself.

** Monash University considers this event a conference. As such we will be offering a subsidy to any Monash university student (who is also a club member) . You MUST discuss this with the council before you attend as we have a ton of paper work associated with getting you some of your money back.


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