Club History

The College of St Monica was founded in May of 1988. 


As of the AGM in 2019

Seneschal (President) – Liam
Advisor (Vice President) – Sarah
Reeve (Treasurer) – Finn
Chronicler (Secretary) – Joanna
Spongs (General Representatives) – Marcus, Will and Sophie

A new council is elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) every year during semester two. If you are interested in a leadership role, why not nominate yourself to be a council member? It looks great on your resume!


Membership to the College of St Monica is $8 per year, or $3 with MSA. Having MSA is highly recommended in this case, as MSA may reimburse you some of the cost for the events you go to.

Reminder: Having a club membership is NOT the same thing as having an SCA membership. For more information about SCA memberships click here.